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Hourly Rate Service

Affordable Hourly Driver Service in Dubai

“A Whole Lot More Than Just an Hourly Rate Service.”

Indus Chauffeur can provide hourly rate services for a short period at any time. Don’t need the vehicle for the whole day but expect the usage to be of more than just one trip? Go for our hourly rate service!  Be it attending any functions, a quick visit to a loved one or an urgent short-term requirement, Indus Chauffeur’s hourly rate service is your call! Our punctuality and dedication will allow you achieve your desired travel requirements just perfectly.

Indus Chauffeur can provide hourly rate service for a brief period at any time of the day. Just hit us up whenever the need for a quick trip arises, such as attending an event or making a short visit, and you can have a wonderful time in luxury thanks to our commitment and punctuality. 

This service enables you to rent a vehicle hourly within Dubai for a maximum period of 24 hours and at a specific fee. Contact us now to get a tailor-made quotation based on your requirements. 

Hire an affordable hourly driver service for short rides across UAE. Book with Indus Chauffeur directly and go anywhere in the emirate charged by the hour. 

 Why Choose Us?

  •  Best suitable for short ride requirements
  •  On-demand driver service for your car
  •  Get all-inclusive quotes for your requirement

How does it work?

With the sole motive to provide efficient and economical chauffeur services, we at Indus Chauffeur Services now introduce the hourly-rate services. Simple and user-friendly booking process for you to be able to have a worry-free journey. 

Back Where We Start
When the driver receives you/your visitors at the initial location, he’s going to park your car with-inside the right spot and stay there till your next instructions. You pay him through the hour and only charged for the duration the vehicle is in your use. 

Book Directly 
Confirm to book and pay us directly. Call or Whatsapp us any time along with your requirement for an all-inclusive quote. Luxury service at very economical rates.

We Drive You 
Our drivers are expert and punctual. They will show up at the specified location at the requested time. The driver will then driver you/your visitors to your destination within the comfort of your car like a breeze.

Driver Hourly Basis Services

Dubai is a very welcoming vacation spot that draws a variety of overseas visitors, in addition to locals planning a staycation. Planning for a trip spanning to several days is just not feasible due to the hectic schedule, but hey! Everyone’s got some time for a few hours with friends and family! This is where we come into action and take care of all your travelling needs. Book our hourly rate chauffeur service now and enjoy a few hours of luxury-driven vehicle at your favourite destinations with your loved ones.

You pay the driver through the hour, making sure you keep away from paying the driver for idle time. Getting stuck up at work and being not able to drive your family for chores or occasions is common. Choosing public transport as a way of commuting may be inconvenient and reserving a cab can force you to shell out a fortune for an ordinary cab. 

Our hourly driver service comes with luxurious, well-maintained vehicles at far economical rates, driven by RTA-approved drivers who are well-versed with the guidelines and roads of the town.

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    Choice Of The Finest Luxury Cars

    At Indus chauffeur, we understand that no two journeys are the same. To ensure you get exactly what you need, we offer a range of luxury vehicles for all occasions.

    Tried And Trusted

    We work with professional drivers that provide you 24/7 customer care.

    Secure And Easy Payments

    We know you’re looking for a quality chauffeur service. We want to bring you that quality at an unbeatable price. 

    Arriving At Your Destination

    No more waiting in line for transport, no figuring out public transport  – our professionals will take you to your destination safely and quickly.

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    • Rolls-Royce
    • Ferrari
    • Bentley
    • Range-Rover
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